A Natural Testosterone Booster That Does More Than Enhance Libido

Lately, I have been hearing all about the benefits of using a natural testosterone booster. I know that it works to enhance libido, and who among us would not like a little boost in that department? I recently learned however that there are many more benefits to testosterone supplements than just to enhance libido.

I had been experiencing some symptoms which led me to see my doctor. Actually, I should give credit where credit is due. After complaining about these symptoms, it was my wife who actually led me to see my doctor. Not only had my libido dropped off, but I was also gaining a lot of unexplained weight, and feeling generally sluggish. My doctor suggested that he test my testosterone levels as apparently low levels can cause exactly the types of symptoms I had been having. Well, low and behold, my level turned out to be low. He explained to me that testosterone levels in men generally drop off as they age, but that they do not create symptoms unless they are considered to be in the very low level, which mine indeed was.

He suggested that I begin taking a booster that would raise my testosterone levels. I was a little worried at first that perhaps there would be some strange side effects so I began to research. I learned that the irritability, lack of concentration and depression I was experiencing could be caused by my low testosterone level, and that by beginning treatment, I could possibly find relief from those symptoms as well as my decreased sexual desire. I could not only enhance libido, but also gain several other benefits from taking a dose of testosterone.

I also learned that low testosterone can cause men to lose bone density, and make them more suspect to fractures and osteoporosis. Using a natural testosterone booster can help to regain and increase bone density, creating stronger sturdier bones. Since I still consider myself a bit of an athlete, I was excited to hear this!

Tongkat Ali – One Of The Best Natural Testosterone Boosters?

Tongkat Ali can be described as a fairly small blooming plant indigenous to Malaysia, as well as some additional South East Asian nations. The compound removed from the root is a bitter quassinoid commonly used as a powerful aphrodisiac, in addition to being employed in time-honored treatments. Additionally it is incorporated within a plethora of bodybuilding supplements, natural testosterone boosters to be precise. Quite a lot of which are often bogus, or possibly only incorporate very small amounts of the active compound.

The scientific name of Tongkat Ali is Eurycoma Longifolia. Throughout South East Asia, old-fashioned remedies are produced from it. Penawar pahit, which is the actual Malay name could possibly be loosely translated as ‘bitter charm’. When compared with quinine, the particular active compounds which come via the plant’s root are around fifty times more bitter, which I am sure you will agree is extreme to say the least!

It is the usage as a powerful aphrodisiac which happens to be most popular in western countries, whereas it’s use in testosterone boosters is also becoming increasingly popular. However the particular uses in conventional South East Asian treatments incorporate anti-diabetic, anti-bacterial as well as anti-malarial applications. It is also claimed that Tongkat Ali boosts lovemaking capability as well as virility among the Malaysian males who consume it.

The aphrodisiac benefits associated with this herb have already been observed in additional nations around the world, and have also been clinically researched. It was also described as Malaysia’s home cultivated Viagra in the scientific publication entitled Nature. It truly does seem to be a fact that this substance boosts sexual interest and activity when research conducted on rodents is taken into consideration. Boosts in testosterone concentrations have already been assessed, and the outcome was comparable to testosterone replacement treatment in individuals that have osteoporosis.

Among the substances in dietary supplements geared towards male bodybuilders, Tongkat Ali is frequently present. The reason being that of the testosterone boosting ability connected with the substance. A peer examined journal, called The British Journal of Sports Medicine, documented an investigation of it’s effects on two sets of people engaging in weight training. The two groups were in good shape, and one group took Tongkat Ali, and the second only took some sort of placebo. The fact that the improvement in muscle mass was higher pertaining to the group consuming Tongkat Ali was documented by the publication.

A high percentage of nutritional supplements called testosterone boosters which are designed primarily for use by male bodybuilders nowadays include Tongkat Ali, nevertheless the term Longjack is frequently used instead of Tongkat Ali in bodybuilding communities. It ought to be mentioned that nutritional supplements like these in many cases are promoted with overstated assertions. Additionally, Tongkat Ali is usually one of several substances that happen to be part of an exclusive blend in amounts that are not always made clear.

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